Champion's Choice
The only marching shoe that helps you teach marching technique and boosts student performance
Greg Bimm, Band Director, Marian Catholic HS



Greg Bimm
Band Director, Marian Catholic HS

“I believe that Drillmasters are the best marching shoes. Others have tried to copy this shoe. None can even compete. The very light, flexible but supportive design gives my students an exceptional performance advantage. The unique heel design promotes a pronounced "toe up" look.

Drillmasters make our job as marching teachers easier by helping the student to achieve what we are asking -- even guiding them on the way. It is easy to ask students to buy great shoes (great value) at a great price.

We've marched Drillmasters 25 years in a row. I strongly recommend this shoe to the director looking for a great performance enhancing tool.”

Marian Catholic H.S. has won SEVEN Grand National Championships in Drillmasters.

Dave Gibbs, Corps Director, Concord Blue Devils



Dave Gibbs
Corps Director, Concord Blue Devils

“Our fast-paced visual program requires a marching shoe that's dressy and stylish. And sudden starts and stops and abrupt direction changes demand non-slip traction on wet grass and Astroturf®. Throughout the hot, summer's day-long practices, players must stay fresh and comfortable. After we discovered Drillmasters we could not have been happier.

The Rolled-Heel design improves performance and gives our marching musicians peace of mind - particularly the brass players so they can focus on producing that famous, "Concord Sound." Drillmasters are the perfect combination of style and comfort.”

The Blue Devils won 208 contests and EIGHT DCI World Championships in Drillmasters.